Roudha Center | Business Philosophy 

Our Goals 

  • Link women with successful role models form the business sector
  • Develop women's skills so that they can successfully compete in the SME market
  • Introduce women to innovation, critical thinking, and new business concepts
  • Give corporations an opportunity to invest in the local economy
  • Enhance the SME market in Qatar in line with Qatar's vision for a knowledge-based economy 

Our Model

Roudha Center is the only not-profit organization in Qatar that focuses on fostering and nurturing women entrepreneurs. In the last two years, we have reached over 4,500 women.

Our strategic partnership with local and multinational businesses is a unique aspect of Roudha Center's model. Each business contributes by providing expertise, resources, and financial support. Without this support, we would not have the resources to touch so many women.

As a supporter, sponsor, or speaker, Roudha Center provides you and your organization with a platform to create a better tomorrow for the women of today.

Supporting Qatar’s National Vision

Qatar aims to be a developed country capable of sustaining its development and providing high standards of living for its entire population by 2030. The four pillars (Human Development, Social Development, Economic Development, Environmental Development) on which this vision can be realized are the frameworks on which Roudha Center is found. 

Supporting SMEs

The current Qatari economic environment supports the development of Small and Medium Enterprises. The efforts made by Qatar’s government to encourage entrepreneurship are quite visible; however, none have specifically targeted women entrepreneurs. On the global scene, there has been a shift to focusing on women entrepreneurial centers as well.

Roudha is Different

Within Qatar, there are several initiatives addressing entrepreneurship. However our research clearly corroborates that not enough meaningful or applicable resources are explicitly available to female entrepreneurs and innovators within Qatar.
Roudha is a tailored model specifically created for the support and encouragement of local women entrepreneurs.