Roudha Center | Our Story 

Roudha Center is a one-stop shop for women entrepreneurs that provides innovative and effective programs and advocacy efforts for women looking to open their own businesses or grow their existing ones. The Center delivers business, financial, legal and training services, and mentoring and coaching; as well as incubational assistance to empower women towards entrepreneurship and economic self-sufficiency.

Roudha Center has been featured in both the Qatar Human Development Strategy and Qatar National Development Strategy 2011-2016 under the Comprehensive Programme for Private Sector Participation of Qataris; “To achieve this outcome, the government will:

• Establish an entrepreneurship initiative targeting youth and Qatari women. The initiative, building on the experience of the Rhouda Centre and Enterprise Qatar, will study barriers to entrepreneurship, introduce a business plan competition and encourage internships in domestic, regional and international enterprises. A comprehensive programme is needed to attract Qatari youth to entrepreneurship.”

Our story begins with our name: Roudha

Roudha is a common female Qatari name. Men are often referred to as ekhwan-Roudha, or Roudha’s brothers. In Arabic, the word Roudha means the greenery or oasis that thrives in the desert. This name embodies the vision and mission of our Center. It is to be a home to the women of Qatar and their ideas and an oasis for them to thrive within. Roudha Center is a culmination of a year and a half research project conducted with the support of Carnegie Mellon University, the Tepper School of Business and the Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship. 


Roudha’s Vision is to promote the female entrepreneurial and leadership culture in Qatar, as t relates to the national economic development’s four interrelated pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030. The Center is a private organization for public benefit (NGO) dedicated to fostering and developing women entrepreneurs by providing support, training, counseling, incubation and resources for existing businesses and start-ups with a unique, immersive and hands-on approach.


The Roudha Center’s principle objectives are to identify, organize, and promote women entrepreneurs and innovators in Qatar. Through a network of partnerships, Roudha will provide locally applicable programming and resources, interactive workshops incubation, mentorship, legal services, etc. to serve women’s needs and their entrepreneurial activities at a single physical location.