Shaikha Hanadi Bint Naser Al-Thani

Shaikha Hanadi bint Naser Al-Thani, Roudha Centers Chairperson and current head of the Steering Committee, has been a great supporter, opening as many doors as possible to set up the center and pushing the team to their limits to move forward.


Silatech was the first and main Founding Partner of Roudha Center. Silatech provides a substantial amount of funding and other in kind contributions. The collaboration between the two organizations, Silatech & Roudha Center, consists of several phases and deliverables on which both parties have agreed. Also, Silatech has provided training on their new Tamheed Portal for the Roudha Center team to become certified career/entrepreneur advisors. This portal is in partnership with Bedaya Center (Silatech & QDB Initiative). Both Bedaya and Roudha Center will provide joint workshops and trainings to youth in Qatar.

Salman Al-Ansari

Since day one, Salman Al-Ansari has been with the Roudha Center Team helping to formalize the Center's legal existence. The firm still continues to support the Center.